Friday, September 23, 2011


What does seven mean? It the Bible, seven is the “perfect number”. It is the day of rest. It is used many times in the book of Revelation. Seven times seven is how many times I must forgive my enemies.
When asked to pick a number, seven or a number using seven (like 47) is often chosen.  For us, it is also the number of days in a week. For me, at least this week, seven is my goal.
Since beginning this journey, I have had lots of ups and downs. (The sugar thing has not gone so well). I, as I have mentioned before, have been on a weight loss roller coaster for most of my life. Last spring, I reached my weight loss goal. Not my “ULTIMATE” goal but my weight loss goal; a goal where I realized I look good and I feel good. I know weight fluctuates and many things can cause that: high salt intake, stress, time of the month. I take into account that in a given month, my weight can fluctuate around 3-5 pounds due to these things. That doesn’t mean that I go crazy when I step on the scale and I’m up a pound or 2. I just take that fluctuation into consideration and watch my salt, take note of the date, etc. But since reaching my goal, I have noticed a “gentle” increase in the fluctuation of 7 pounds. Slowly, the number has gone up from my “goal weight” by about 7 pounds. So that is my next goal, to loose these “creepy” 7 pounds.
I am focusing on 7. Today is day 2 of 7 days straight of running. I have not run more than 5 days in a week. I want to run 7 just to see if I can do it. I am really watching my food intake for 7 days. But I am also trying to focus more on prayer these 7 days.
When I run, I have a crazy list of songs on my i-pod. I think some people might think I was schizophrenic if they heard it. But it’s just what keeps me motivated. I have made a new playlist of praise and worship music to motivate me. What can be more motivating then to hear of God’s love for me or to sing of my love for Him?
So I am focusing on 7. What number can be better? 

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